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What are the Conditions of the Campaign?

  • In order to benefit from this campaign, you must be a member of Miracle Cash&More( ) and complete your account verification process.
  • It is the direct responsibility of our users to prove the accuracy and adequacy of the information that our campaign participants have defined in the system during the Bitay membership and identity verification process. Miracle Cash&More is not responsible.
  • Miracle Cash&More is not responsible for technical problems that may arise during the campaign participation process.
  • Miracle Cash&More reserves the right to change the terms of participation and terminate the campaign. It is mandatory to follow the updates. This change or cancellation does not constitute a right for users participating in the campaign.
  • All our users participating in the campaign are deemed to have declared that they accept the general rules. All verifications and inspections made during the campaign are carried out by
  • Miracle Cash&More performed by.
  • Acting against the campaign rules; All users who try to change the results of the event by cheating and various ways, try to interfere with the system using computer technologies, try to take actions against the policy within the scope of the Anti-Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Policy, and carry out transactions aimed at gaining profit through unfair means, may be canceled from participation in the campaigns and events. and legal action can be initiated. Bitay Technology Industry Trade Inc. reserves all these rights.
  • Price fluctuations are constantly present in the digital asset market and our users should perform their own risk assessments. This campaign, announcement and information do not constitute investment advice.
  • Any tax liability that may arise due to the campaign is the responsibility of the users.
  • Miracle Cash&More is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to force majeure.
  • For all your questions and suggestions about the campaign, you can reach us 24/7 via the e-mail address of [email protected] or our call center at 444 99 77
  • All records of Miracle Cash&More will be taken as a basis in any dispute that may arise within the scope of the campaign.
  • Everyone who participates in this campaign is deemed to have accepted all the campaign conditions above.
  • In order to participate to this campaign, your account must be registered to TRNC region.
  • Being a Miracle Cash&More member is sufficient to participate this campaign.
  • You can benefit from the campaign until the total commission amount of the transactions you will make during the campaign period reaches $200 Miracle Coin.
  • This campaign is vaild inbetween 1 March- 31 May 2023.