7 Of The Best Whitepapers On Bitcoin Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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The rise of digital currencies has opened up a pandora’s box of new opportunities. People across the world are looking at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the future of money, financial transactions, and even as stores of value. There are many ways to get involved with cryptocurrency, but reading about it isn’t one of them. […]

The Best Cryptocurrencies of 2022 – The Ones You Must Keep Your Eye On!

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple (XRP), Stellar

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there, and they’re all trying to solve different problems. Some aim to make transactions faster, while others want to make it cheaper to send money digitally. Others, like Ethereum, focus on ensuring that contracts are executed as expected. And some just want to be digital tokens for games. […]

Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2022: What You Need To Know

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The world is embracing the economic benefits of blockchain technology and integrating it into almost every aspect of its business. Every country is accelerating the adoption of this new technology to drive innovations and industries while streamlining existing processes at the same time. To facilitate the process and support growth in the region, several governments […]

Tron: The Lightweight Blockchain for Dapps

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Tron is a lightweight blockchain for Dapps and smart contracts. Tron was founded in 2017 by Justin Sun and has since grown to become one of the largest blockchain platforms in the world. In a world of centralized applications, Tron is something of a breath of fresh air. Rather than being controlled by a single […]

Still New! Top 5 Games on the Metaverse Blockchain

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It is no secret that the games on the metaverse blockchain are the most profitable in the world. In 2020, the global games market was worth an estimated $159.3 billion dollars and is projected to grow to $200 billion by 2023! This means that there is a lot of money to be made in the […]

Blockchain for Business: 8 Enterprises that are Embracing It

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The cryptocurrency industry has been on a roller coaster ride over the past few years. However, despite the recent market downturn, some traditional companies are still moving into crypto. Here are 8 established companies that are aware of investing in blockchain for business: 8 Established Companies Investing in Blockchain for Business Microsoft Microsoft has been […]

Methods for Financing Cryptocurrency Projects

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When it comes to financing cryptocurrency projects, there are a few different approaches that can be taken. The most common and perhaps the most straightforward approach is to simply approach investors and ask for funding. This can be done through traditional means such as going to venture capitalists or holding an initial coin offering (ICO). […]

Several difficulties with blockchain analytics scale

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Blockchain data is spread across a decentralized network of nodes, making it challenging to aggregate and analyze. Secondly, blockchain data is often encrypted, making it challenging to identify patterns or glean insights from large data sets. Blockchain platforms are constantly evolving, making it hard to keep up with changes and ensure that data is accurate […]

Blockchain analytics: More of an art than a science


Blockchain analytics is more of an art than science. While there are some well-established techniques for analyzing blockchain data, the field is still relatively new and constantly evolving. As such, there is no one “right” way to do things. Rather, analysts must use their creativity and expertise to develop methods that fit the particular context […]

Power of Using Blockchain and NFTs for Decentralized Online Identity

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The internet as we know it today is centralized but there is a way for decentralized online identity The internet as we know it is centralized. But that wasn’t always the case. In the early days of the internet, it was decentralized. That meant that there was no one single authority that controlled it. But […]