What is Crypto Currency?

Crypto money is an encrypted, independent and fully digital currency that is created and stored electronically.Cryptocurrencies that do not have any physical counterpart can be used in exchange and transfer transactions worldwide.

Crypto coins; It has been developed by using Cryptology Science, which works by encrypting data according to a mathematical system, sending it to the receiver through a secure environment, and re-emerging the data by decrypting it.

Cryptocurrencies operating in a cryptological network have no center, thus offering freedom of operation regardless of time and place. Crypto money transfer from person to person; It can be done easily from anywhere in the world, in any time zone, from any internet accessible point.

Every cryptocurrency user has a digital wallet and account. You can safely hold as many cryptocurrencies as you want in these accounts and make transactions.

Coins minted with traditional methods; It creates extra expenses for governments in processes such as storage, transportation and security. Fully digital cryptocurrencies do not cause such costs. This enables middlemen and commission free money transfer.

As an example; In fact, the money we transfer in transactions with our bank cards is virtual money.Money transfer is provided by systematic number changes without a physical exit from the safe.Crypto coins work in the same way.However, cryptocurrencies, which are not dependent on any central authority, are not affected by the economic and sociopolitical situations of the countries and central bank interventions.They can be used in all countries without interfering with personal accounts.This creates a safer system for users.

Is Crypto MONEY Safe?

Thanks to its cryptography, crypto money is a virtual or digital currency that isalmost impossible to fraud. the most important feature of crypto money typesoperating with block chain technology is that they cannot be managed by anycentral authority and they are fully closed to any manipulation.

The types of crypto money which should be perceived as a digital asset are operatedthrough a non-centralized structure through a distributed network to manycomputers. thanks to these features, crypto money types cannot be manipulatedthrough an intermediary.

Crypto money got its name from the technology that was used to make the networksafe.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain (block chain) is a distributed database consisting of blocks in chain structure, providing encrypted transaction tracking. Globally likened to an open and transparent ledger Blockchain is used in the production, management, storage and storage of cryptocurrencies.

Every step and every information in the transfer of cryptocurrencies forms a block. These blocks created in transfer transactions are encrypted, made unbreakable and saved by being linked together. The blockchain database is transparent; Every user can connect to the network, view blocks, create new blocks. However, the information on any block can only be processed by the specified buyer and seller.

Blockchain technology, built with a chained model, allows transactions without being dependent on any center or authority. Transactions are carried out securely, directly between the buyer and the seller.

Graphical user interfaces named ‘wallet’ are used to make transactions in the blockchain database. To shop with crypto money, it is sufficient to have a wallet application.

Your Digital Assets Are Secure With Miracle Cash&More

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